Create, publish, and share

We give you the tools to create a wide range of content, including drawings, pictures, stickers, collages, videos, and more. Photos and videos shared on Capture use the front and/or back cameras on your phone. From the app settings, you can control who sees your content from ID and Capture in the feed. You can delete any content shared on your own ID or any photos or videos that you have shared on Capture at any time within the app.

Contribute to your friends’ content

You can add to your friends’ content, which they can then modify or delete. This is not possible with people you are not friends with across amo.

View Content

You can view the profile picture, ID, friend lists, and a snapshot of captures of anyone on amo. You can view content on amo according to the access level that your friends have granted you. On Capture, you can only see content in the feed from friends if you have also shared a capture in the previous 24 hours. Captures are shown in the feed with no algorithm, meaning that content from your friends is presented to you in reverse chronological order.

Save and share content

You can save stickers created by your friends on ID for use on your own or your friends’ IDs, or when building your camera on Capture. You can save or share your own captures or the captures of people you are friends with on amo.

Engage with your friends

You can comment on drops on ID made by you, your friends and your friends’ friends. You can comment on captures made by you or your friends. If you are on Location, you can communicate by sending hearts and knocks to your friends.

Share your location

Location is a location-based service, which allows you to share your live and real-time location on a map with people you are friends with on amo. Unless you have selected a different device permission, your device location will be shared when the app is running in the background and the foreground. You can modify which friends on amo can see your location at any time by changing their access level via the settings menu of any of the amo apps. When new friends join your orbit on amo, they will be able to see your location by default. You can change their access level at the moment you add them to your orbit, or at any time via the settings. On Capture, you can share the location of where your captures are taken. You can stop sharing your location at any time by changing the location permission for the app in your device settings. Please note that the accuracy of location data depends on various factors, such as sufficient network coverage and WiFi connection. In some cases, if you are in an area with low network coverage, your position on the app may not reflect your accurate location in real life.

amo apps are meant to be just for friends. Please be careful to only share your location with people that you know and trust.

View the location of your friends

Location allows you to see the live and real-time location on a map of people you are friends with on amo. If you cannot see a friend’s location, it might be that they have limited your access level within their own settings. Capture allows you to see the location where your friends’ captures are taken. If you cannot see the location of a capture, it might be that your friend has not enabled location permissions for Capture.

Get directions to your friends

Location allows you to get directions to your friends’ current position directly within the app, or via third party apps that you have installed on your device such as Google Maps, Apple Maps, and ride-sharing services.

Contact your friends

Location allows you to contact your friends by text message or phone call. Choosing either of these options will take you to your device’s own phone or messaging app.

Report inappropriate content

If you come across any content that you find harmful or offensive, you may report it using the reporting tools provided within the app.

Report inappropriate behavior

If any user on amo is behaving inappropriately on amo, you may report them using the reporting tools provided within the app.

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