We’re a group of friends who have spent our lives building stuff for friends, and believe that friendship still deserves a place online. And like our friend groups IRL, we have our particular style of interaction. We’ve done our best to showcase what makes us amo, so you can get a taste of what it might look like to be part of our team.

Velocity over all else

We believe that our success is a factor of how quickly we can make mistakes and learn from them. That means that we value conviction over consensus, make decisions fast, and work in days instead of months.

What that may look like…

A quick implementation of a new proof of concept so we can try it out during a user test, and then a design or bug fix following it, all in the same day.

Art over science

We believe that social products should be fun and make people smile. That means we encourage coloring outside the lines, and more often than not inventing new lines altogether. New ideas come from anywhere and everywhere, your only limit is your own capacity to take on new projects.

What that may look like…

Surprising users with easter eggs as a launch requirement, not just as an afterthought.

Performance machine

We believe that future success is indicative of today’s performance, not yesterday’s. That means we set ambitious goals, work hard, and celebrate when we hit the mark. It's not about looking busy, it's about achieving results that make a difference for our users. Trust us, you’ll be plenty busy at amo.

What that may look like…

Going the extra mile to get the look and feel of that button in the app just right, even if it means rebuilding what you made yesterday.

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